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Feelings are energy. They are either positive or negative. We have the freedom of choice to change our feelings at anytime and become deliberate creators. No one can take that freedom of choice away from us. It is guaranteed! How we use it and what we make of it is up to us.

The process of creations begins with a single thought. Albert Einstein said, "There is no doubt that a single creative thought has the power to change the world." Theologians, scientise, physicist and physicans are coming to believe in the Law of Attraction.

The awareness of the Law of Attraction is part of the New Paradigm Shift happening right now. As our awareness increases we are able to make new changes. It's a simple prosess that is foreign to us. First, identify what you don't want. Second, identify what you do what. Third, feel what you want and allow it to happen.

Abraham Hicks tells us that we are "here to experience the dramatic dynamic intense value of contrast to come to a decision". Listen to your feelings. Feelings are the language of the soul.

If you want to learn more about the power of feelings, please read Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting: The astonishing power of feelings by Lynn Grabhorn.

LOVE: a feeling of attraction toward HATE: a feeling of revulsion
affection for friendly toward animosity wish to shun
appreciation of passion for dislike stuborn
concerned for warmth despise repelled by
compassionate toward tenderness detest indifferent to
admiration loving cold toward withdrawn from
DESIRE: a feeling of movement in the direction of that which is loved AVERSION: a feeling of moving away from that which is hated
excited longing for avoidance evasive
eager to impress need bored uneasy
jealous want alienated frustrated
envious sincere escape withdrawn from
curious covert distant from shy
HOPE: a feeling of confident expectation which we love and desire will become ours DESPAIR: a feeling of expectation that which is loved will not be attained and that which is hated will not be avoided
anticipate pre-occupied discouraged defeated
confident reliance disappointed helpless
competent trust dominated insecure
aspiring faith in desperate inadequate
expecting coverthopeless trapped
JOY: a feeling of delight which comes with achieving that which is loved, desired and hoped for SORROW: a feeling of sadness which comes with the loss of that which is loved or the presence of that which is hated
calm proud ashamed sad
contented supported depressed lonely
elated satisfied guilty put down
delighted surprised cheated rejected
fulfilled completedhurt sorry
happy completed grieved sinful
grateful peacefulhumilated remorseful
COURAGE: a feeling of strength to overcome difficuulties in the way toward that which is desired and hoped for FEAR: a feeling of dread in the presence of or from the threat of danger
assurance risky scared worried
brave patient afraid gutless
confident enduring anxious impatient
bold spunky distrustful nervous
daring   cautious uptight
    nervous startled
Compiled from the following books:
Alive and Aware,
The Secret of Staying in Love
and I'll Quit Tomorrow
ANGER: a feeling of strong antagonism and displeasure toward what is hated or that which blocks attainment of what is loved and desired
  resentment annoyance
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this is an animated flower

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