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Albert Einstein, more than anyone else, he has inspired me and given me a greater understanding and appreciation for science and spirituality. I know his Spirit lives. In many ways, he was just an ordinary man with problems just like me, but he was so dedicated to his beliefs that he let nothing stand in the way of dreaming his dreams and then doing it. And so...I dedicate this page to my hero, Albert Einstein, not to enshirne him or turn him into an icon, but in the hope that his dedication will influence you to dream and then do it.

There is a vast amount of information available on the web about Albert Einstein. Listed below are web sites I have found to be educational and entertaining. They are not listed in any particular order. The are as follows:

heart bullet  Albert Einstein Online - A Comprehensive reference point on the web. Details about the Man. Don't miss this one.

heart bullet  Collected Quotes from Albert Einstein - A collection of Einstein Quotes by Kevin Harris

heart bullet  More Quotes - If you enjoy Einstein'll love these.

heart bullet  FBI File of Albert Einstein - 1,427 pages of information on file.

heart bullet  Albert Einstein Home Page - A search tool for discovering information about Einstein

heart bullet  Albert Einstein Quotes - Himself, The Universe, Education, Life,Religion, War and Peace

heart bullet  Albert Einstein Archives - Presented by The Jewish National & University Library and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

heart bullet  Pictures of Albert Einstein - Lots to see here.

heart bullet  NOVA presents "Einstein Revealed" - The original 2 hour broadcast was in October 1996. Here you will find online articles about: Timeline, The Light Stuff, Genius Among Geniuses, Time Travel, Relativity and the Cosmos and more.

heart bullet  Albert Einstein on Prohibition Laws - Albert's first impression of the U. S. in 1921

heart bullet  Einstein - Man in Spacetime - A great reference site created by two teenagers.

heart bullet  Albert Einstein - Image and Impact

heart bullet  The Albert Einstein Institute - An organization whose mission is to "advance the worldwide study and strategic use of nonviolent action in conflict". This site expands the understanding and use of non-violent sanctions.

heart bullet  Albert Einstein - An American Theoretical Physicist - Links to Other Physicist, Books about Einstein, Books on Related Subjects, Videos About Einstein, Related Websites and Einstein eTexts.

heart bullet  Spacetime Wrinkles - University of Illinois Science Expo.

heart bullet  Why Socialism? - by Albert Einstein

heart bullet  Historical Timeline - This is just a cool site showing the time line of events, inventions, wars, religion, leaders and how they have impacted the world. Enjoy!

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